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Designs By Rebecca uses sinamay, an eco-friendly product.

What is sinamay?


Sinamay is made from abacá fibers which are harvested by hand from the trunks of Musa Textilis Trees also known as abacá trees, which are native to the Philippines. It Is manufactured by hand & without the use of fossil fuels, leaving a carbon-free footprint. Some of the qualities of abacá fibers that make it desirable are its strength and durability, as well as it’s unique texture. Most of all sinamay is a sustainable fashion fabric. The fact that Sinamay is biodegradable & earth friendly is one of the reasons I use this fabric for my designs.

Sinamay is a versatile foundation material. It is used to create all kinds of unforgettable shapes for hats & fascinators. It can be used to create complex layered designs as well as your classic brim & a sturdy hat base. When sinamay is wet it's pliable & can be used to create stunning 3-D effects, like bows & other fantastic shapes by free-hand shaping & drying. My Favorite.

Sinamay comes in grades of varying quality:

  • A-grade aka "pinok pok", which has an exceptionally fine & even weave

  • B-grade, which has an even weave & is strong for long wearing

  • C-grade, which is a loose weave preferred for craft & floral embellishments

Large Bow Shapes


Crescent Shapes


Swirly Shapes


Large Brim Shapes


Beautiful Flower Shapes

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