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Milliner Rebecca Bergmann

I want to bring out the "Punk" in your Hats.

Fashion Is An Outer Expression Of Who We Are...

These One Of A Kind Hats are my expression for you.

I take my time to select the highest quality fabrics and accents to create these designs and  bring them to you!

I feel great pride in the hard work I put into each and every hat or fascinator I design. I don't believe in selling "Couture"  if it is Not Couture!  That's why I travel the globe in search of the best material for my designs.

Every crystal you see in my work is a Swarovski glass crystal. I never use plastic or acrylic crystals as they fade and cloud up over time. With the purchase of your design from me, you automatically receive a lifetime warranty entailing the upkeep of your design, all you do is pay for the shipping.

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